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Craig Rainey
Craig Rainey

Executive Vice President

What makes something “supreme”? By definition, it is something that is high in degree and/or quality. At Supreme Roofing, we take this to heart by making it a quality that we use as the standard.

We have been supplying businesses with our high-quality commercial roofing products and services since 1987. That is 35 years of industry service, and a history we do not take lightly.

Call us today and experience the standard of Supreme Roofing.

Commercial Roofing VS Residential

There are quite a few differences between commercial roofing and residential. Things like design and materials are all going to be specialized to the type of building it is protecting.

We specialize in commercial roofing because the requirements are more strict for a public space than a residential one. We have the responsibility of making sure the roof is safe and sound for multitudes of people to use the space.

While residential roofs generally have a steeper slope and asphalt shingles, commercial roofs are typically flat. They are usually flat because there is mechanical equipment on top. Businesses will often place their HVAC units and exhaust fans on the roof to conserve space in the main part of the building below.

Many other forms of mechanical equipment may also be found on commercial roofs, such as cooling towers, solar panels, communication systems, ducts, and pipework. The equipment on the roof is particularly important because this is why commercial roofing is so specialized. Not only do we build and maintain roofs, but we must also work with these obstacles.

While we install new roofs or repair old ones, we always have to factor in the equipment around us on the roof. We have specific safety protocols and codes, and we must build the roof to a high standard and high weight-bearing level.

Why We Specialize In Commercial Roofing

There are more strict regulations and requirements for commercial roofing. When we build a commercial roof, we must think about the heavy equipment on top. The roof must be able to support the weight, and additionally, it must be able to withstand the weight of rain and snowfall. Water is very heavy, about 8.3 pounds a gallon. So when you think about that, plus the equipment, you can understand why commercial roofing needs are so specific.

Of course, roofs include drainage systems. But in the event that a drain is clogged, the roof must be ready to withstand the water until it can be drained. Commercial roofs also have weather-specific requirements. In areas with heavy snowfall, you run into the water problem again.

Snow on the top of a commercial building melts at various intervals, if it remains cold it may sit on the roof for a considerable amount of time, and the roof has to be more than strong enough to keep its occupants safe inside.

There are generally more lives to be affected in a large commercial building as compared to a home or residence. The number of people in a commercial building usually far outnumbers those in a house.

Considering all these factors specific to commercial roofing, we have more intense training that a standard residential roofer. We are not by any means saying that with disrespect to our fellow roofers, but that is one of the main differences between commercial and roofing.

We must learn to use specific tools and calculations to properly install commercial roofing, and that is why it is our specialty.

Supreme Roofing – Roofing Done Right

Call Supreme Roofing for our superior quality services at 888-205-5921. We have locations in Dallas, Oklahoma City, New England, and Denver. Please contact us with any further inquiries or for information on how we can bring Supreme Roofing to you.

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