Roof Replacement

Commercial roofs do not last forever, and while our roof restoration services can extend the life of your roof, eventually, the time will come when a new roofing system will be necessary. When it comes to roof replacement on commercial buildings, Supreme brings unmatched experience and workmanship.

Since 1987, our commercial roofing experts have been exceeding customer expectations in all types of environments, whether it is an airport facility, cold storage, church, school, higher education facility, corporate office, government institution, hospital, shopping center, sports facility, manufacturing, retail, or apartment complex. We bring proven experience and an elite safety EMR rating of 0.60, well below the industry average of 1.00. Your peace of mind that the job will be performed safely, on-time and on-budget, stays at the forefront during our roof replacement process.

When it comes to commercial roofing systems, our roofing experts carry elite certifications from all of our commercial roofing manufacturers. We train daily on the latest, best practices and standards of all our manufacturers on EPDM, Modified-Bitumen, TPO, EPDM Ballasted, PVC, Slate, Shingle, and Sheet Metal. We bring in commercial roofing manufacturer representatives regularly for training to ensure our commercial roofing crews stay on the cutting edge of the commercial roofing industry in the best installation methods. Furthermore, we staff and operate our own in-house sheet metal shop so product delays and waiting on shipments do not slow down our projects.

Trust the installation of that new commercial roof system to Supreme Roofing. We specialize in properly installing a new commercial roof with minimal disturbance to your current operations. All of the above highlights why many of the highest profile organizations across the country consistently place their trust in our commercial roofing teams in Texas, New England, Oklahoma, Colorado and across the country.