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Snow Removal

If your commercial roof has recently been exposed to a heavy amount of snow, then you may be concerned about its integrity. You have a good reason to be as failure to remedy an excessive snow load on your commercial roof can be disastrous. What you need is a contractor that is experienced and willing to clear your roof of excessive snow so that you can save yourself from potentially expensive and catastrophic snow damage. Supreme Roofing has removed snow from countless roofs, saving business owners a lot of money and frustration.


Where We Can Help

Supreme Roofing is proud to offer professional snow removal services in Dallas, New England, Oklahoma City and Denver:

Dallas– Dallas, Texas received over 5 inches of snow in the span of a couple of days in 2021–the most in over a decade. Make sure you keep your home safe with professional Dallas snow removal services from Supreme Roofing.

New England– New England is infamous for its violent blizzards, receiving over 22 inches of snow in 2021. New England snow removal services are essential because of such an intense volume.

Oklahoma City– Oklahoma City received around 5 inches of snow in 2021, an amount which can add additional and unnecessary stress to your roof.

Denver– It should come as no surprise to learn that Denver received over 80 inches of snow in 2021, a remarkable amount by any standards. That amount of snow can also wreak havoc on your roof so make your contact the professionals at Supreme Roofing to get the job done for you.

Failure to have proper snow removal services performed on your roof could run you the risk of spending a significant amount of money on repairs. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Supreme Roofing, your experienced commercial roof experts, if you need to get that pesky snow off of your roof.

Uniform vs. Non-uniform Snow Load

When talking about snow on your commercial roof, there are two types of loads that you should be familiar with: uniform and non-uniform.

A uniform snow load occurs when the snow is equally distributed on your roof, while non-uniform snow loads are unevenly distributed and provide a lateral force as well, such as with snow drifts.

Non-uniform snow loads can be especially dangerous when coupled with high winds, because this can cause the unevenly distributed snow to melt, compact, refreeze, and make room for more snow. Because this melted and refrozen snow only loses volume, its mass remains the same, which can create big problems.

Our team of experienced roofers are familiar with all of the signs of dangerous snow loads and are quick to help you fix the problem.

How Supreme Roofing Deals With Snow On Your Commercial Roof

With such varying amounts of snow among our service area locations, it is important to take into account the different snow load requirements throughout the country. As a general rule of thumb, these load capacities range from 40 to 65 pounds per square foot.

We measure this by cutting out a square foot square of snow from your roof and weighing it. Then we can determine whether snow removal is required in your location depending on your local building codes.
Signs That You Need Snow Removal Services
If you see any of these signs during a winter snowstorm, then you may have excessive snow putting stress on your roof:

  • Deflection or separation of the roof deck
  • Fresh cracks in the roof
  • Bowing or flexing of the roof deck
  • New water leaks or holes in the roof

Make sure you call an experienced roofing company, like Supreme Roofing, quickly if you notice any of these signs.

Supreme Roofing Has You Covered

If you have just survived a particularly nasty blizzard or snow surge, don’t wait until it’s too late. Give the experts at Supreme Roofing a call so that we can determine if you are safe in your commercial building. We have been removing snow for years so we are confident in our abilities to get the job done swiftly and safely. Contact us today or fill out our online form if you are in need of snow removal services in Dallas, New England, Oklahoma City, or Denver!