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fire prevention

Commercial Roof Fire Prevention

October is fire prevention month. Every October, the NFPA raises awareness of the dangerous threat that fire can pose to you.

4 Tips To Protect Your Roof In Hurricane Season

Hurricane season this year was unexpectedly delayed compared with normal years. Because of droughts and other global factors, the usual summer storms were few and far between this year.

3 Benefits of Green Roofs

If you have ever looked at a roof and saw that it was covered in plants, you were looking at a green roof. Green roofs (or living roofs) have layers of vegetation on them that have a number of benefits.

Is it Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof?

You may be wondering if your commercial roof needs to be replaced. This can be a tricky question to answer if you are unaware of certain signs or facts.

Emergency Response Commercial Roofing

Supreme Roofing is quick to respond to all your emergency roofing needs. Emergency response is one of our focuses. We act fast to get your repairs done so you can return to regularly scheduled business. We lead the industry in repair and response time for commercial roofing.