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Cold Storage

Not all roofs are created equal, and that’s especially true when talking about cold storage applications.  The roofing requirements for all cold storage facilities are much more complex than your standard roof system and it takes a skilled contractor to make sure the roof system is installed correctly in order to ensure your facility functions as it is designed.

Cold storage facilities rely on having a high quality of control over every aspect of the building. You might think that having insulated walls is enough to keep your facility cold, but the roofing is just as important when it comes to keeping the interior air cool. That’s where Supreme Roofing comes in. You can trust us to install your roof correctly and efficiently, ensuring that everything inside the building will survive even the most extreme external temperatures at bay. 

Expert Installation Every Time 

Every cold storage building should be completely enclosed in order to keep out any warm temperatures, and have adequate insulation for the entire space to minimize any thermal loss in the room. Our roofing work will ensure that your roof has no weak points in its insulation or sealing. 

Whether you need an existing roof worked on or added to, or a completely new roof installed, Supreme Roofing is Dallas’ number one destination for the solutions you need. You’ll want your roof to be vapor-tight and water-tight, both to ensure that the air circulating inside the building remains cooler than the exterior temperature and also to ensure that no extra thermal loss or moisture intake takes place. We will make sure that by the time our job is done, every aspect of that roof will be completely fortified, keeping the hot air out and the cool air in.

Keep Your Storage Cold In Summer Heat

Particularly in Texas, where the winters tend to be short and the summers can be brutally hot, it’s very important to have the appropriate storage facilities for whatever you might be storing. Heat can beat down on your roof, penetrating down through to your storage building and ruining things that depend on staying cool. Since we’re based in Dallas, we have lots of experience dealing with that heat. We know exactly what your roof will be going through each summer, and can take that into account when we install it to ensure that it will be able to withstand whatever the Texas summer throws at it. 

Supreme Roofing Can Help

When you call Supreme Roofing for your cold storage roofing installation, you’re getting the best service out there. We understand how important it is to get the job done right, and we’ve got the skills and experience to make sure we can deliver on our promise to meet your needs, making Supreme Roofing an easy choice for all your roofing needs. Call us today for help fortifying your cold storage facility. For jobs involved with something as critical as cold storage, you can trust us to get it done right.

The Importance Of Quality Cold Storage

When it comes to the roofing on your cold storage facility, don’t settle for anything less than excellent. When your roof isn’t installed correctly on your cold storage facility, your building is at a higher risk of anything from a higher utility bill to ruining the contents of the building- which can be dangerous if you are storing any kind of food products. Having roofing that you can trust is crucial to your building and your business because when you know that the details are taken care of, you can focus on getting things done.

Team Up With Supreme Roofing

Supreme Roofing’s vast experience in the commercial roofing industry includes new construction, re-roofing, and repairs to cold storage facilities.  With Supreme Roofing’s master roofers working on your facility, you can confidently go about your daily tasks with the assurance that the roofing is done right! If you need an expert’s touch on the roof of your cold storage facility, give our team a call today.