Green Solutions

It’s no wonder that eco-friendly commercial roofing systems have become so popular. In addition to the environmental benefits they provide, they also offer financial benefits to building owners, in terms of potential tax benefits and lower energy costs.

Supreme’s environmental commercial roofing solutions include the following 3 types of eco-friendly systems:

Cool Roofing

A white roof coating (also known as a “cool roof”) is one of the most affordable commercial roofing systems available. Because the roof is white, it stays cooler (unlike traditional, dark roofs, which can absorb the sun’s rays). A roof’s surface, especially in Texas and other southern states, can reach up to 160 degrees or higher, making the building hotter, and forcing air conditioning systems to work harder to keep the building cool. A white roof coating is able to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays, preventing them from being absorbed into the building, saving building owners and property managers money on utility bills.

Solar (Photovoltaic) Roofing

Eco-friendly, commercial roofing systems that include solar panels (also called “PV” roofs) can save businesses money and increase the life of a roof. The sun is a powerful source of renewable energy and when harvested by solar panels, it can be converted into clean, usable electricity. Solar power does not pollute the atmosphere and can help businesses cut back on traditional electricity costs.

Vegetative Roofing

A vegetative roof (also called a “green roof”) is covered in plants. A layer of protection is first put down, on top of a traditional roofing system. Then layers of soil and plants are put atop the protection layer. As the plants grow, they protect the roof, reducing the roof’s temperature and controlling the water run-off (working in sync with the natural environmental water life cycle). Vegetative roofs are not only eco-friendly, but they can also be beautiful.