HMI Institute

Leadville (CO) Metal Project - 2020

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Project Scope

High Mountain Institute is a private school nestled among the pine trees and mountains at 10,152 feet in elevation near the town of Leadville, Colorado, and was a unique and rewarding project for Supreme. 

The primary cause for their failing metal roof system was from damage caused by many years of heavy snow falls common to the area. When snow and ice from the upper steeply pitched roof (sometimes measured in feet) would begin to melt, the heavy load would crash onto the lesser-pitched porch roofs, bending the metal panels and causing seam separation. This ultimately resulted in water penetration into the building and covered porch areas. 

To mitigate the problem, Supreme replaced the existing 22-gauge roof system with a much sturdier 20-gauge Corten corrugated, galvanized metal panel roof system, to handle the weight and abuse of the heavy snow loads more capably.

Another key concern for our client was to ensure that the finished roof remain rustic looking, and blend into the beautiful mountain surroundings. To achieve this, Supreme installed the Corten metal system which was designed to quickly take on a rust-colored patina. Within two weeks of the installation, the roof was well on its way to achieving the look the client desired.

Additionally, because this project coincided with the start of the new school year, HMI was very appreciative of our team’s diligence in complying with the ever-changing COVID-19 protocols to ensure a safe environment for their students and staff.