Addison Private School

Metal Roof Project - 2020

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Project Scope

This standing seam re-roof project was completed at a private school in Addison, Texas, in July of 2020 and spanned about 253 squares. The pre-existing roof reached the end of its serviceable life, aging almost 25 years old. After providing service to the client for many years on both buildings, Supreme was awarded the project. Throughout the project, Supreme simultaneously worked on both the natatorium and gymnasium buildings on the campus.

The natatorium had several issues with one of them involving a 20’ x 60’ skylight with a dead valley behind it. Additionally, they faced a rotting deck issue causing constant leaks into their pool area on the building. On the gym, the previous construction involved a 7/8” T-Panel that was constantly getting overwhelmed with rain, and the clear stories would get flooded out. 

On the natatorium, we introduced a new skylight and raised that curb up to 15 inches and put about a five square TPO roof behind it with a cricket. On surrounding natatorium roof area, we removed the existing 7/8” T-Panel and installed a 1.25” iso which brought the roof up to an R-25 building code status. We then installed an 18” wide 238-T McElroy roofing panel.

On the gym roof, we left the old T-Panel in place, just for more protection, so we would consider this roof a re-cover. We flute-filled the roof with insulation so we brought the roof up to an R-25 status to meet building code and installed the new 238-T McElroy roofing panel. 

This project was completed on-time and on-budget, and our team is confident they will no longer face the issues of the past 10 years that they have been facing.