Large Aircraft Warehouse

Tulsa, (OK) Reroof - 2020

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Project Scope

“This roof replacement project took place just north of Tulsa at a prominent aircraft facility and was roughly 320,000 square feet in size, one of the largest projects has completed to date. Before we began the roof replacement process, the facility was facing a lot of ponding issues, and the decking was noticeably deteriorated from the normal aging process of the roof life cycle. There was a lot of asbestos abatement, but the Supreme Roofing team rose to the challenge and formulated a gameplan to deal with that. The roof that was installed was a well-engineered Siplast modified bitumen roof. Aside from the initial scope of work, we ended up replacing the roof beneath their cooling towers on the facility which was added to the project. We would basically shut down one half of the cooling tower so we could tear off that section of the roof and progress to the next one. It was a long and diligent process on behalf of our crews. As part of the mechanical scope, all of the pipe supports for the various nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas and electrical conduit lines were all replaced. All of the wall flashings, stainless steel expansion joints and all the metal at all the perimeters was replaced as well.”