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4 Tips To Protect Your Roof In Hurricane Season

Craig Rainey
Craig Rainey

Executive Vice President

Hurricane season this year was unexpectedly delayed compared with normal years. Because of droughts and other global factors, the usual summer storms were few and far between this year. If you are a homeowner who normally takes steps to protect your roof in hurricane season, you might be thinking that the danger is over for the year. However, it is still very likely that the storms brought on by transatlantic hurricanes will be making landfall well into the fall season.

What Does Hurricane Season Mean In Texas?

Even in the areas of Texas that aren’t near the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane season can blow over the land, mixing with the hot air and creating sudden storms. In most summers, that process starts in June, so you start your summer off with the awareness of the possibility of high winds and rainfall that can harm your roof. This year, the summer passed without many storms to speak of, but just because they’re running late doesn’t mean they won’t blow through eventually. To protect your roof in hurricane season,Supreme Roofing has a few tips that you’ll want to follow:

Get Your Roof Inspected

Your roof should receive consistent inspections at least once every year or two. If it’s been close to 2 years or longer, or if you have reason to believe your roof has recently sustained any measure of damage, call Supreme Roofing to schedule an inspection. Storms can inflict substantial damage on even roofs that are in good shape, and that damage can be your roof’s final straw.

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Trees pose one of the biggest dangers to roofs during a storm because of all the debris they can create. Tree limbs that grow too close to your roof can be broken off in the heavy winds and crash into your roof with a lot of power behind them. Even if the limbs are sturdy and stay connected to your tree, smaller branches, nuts, pinecones, and other aspects of the trees’ growth can quickly become dangerous projectiles that can wreak havoc on your roofing. If you want to protect your roof in hurricane season, the easiest thing to do is always to keep your tree limbs trimmed so that even sudden storms don’t take you by surprise.

Have Tarps Handy for Emergencies

Of course, heavy storms can cause catastrophic damage no matter how well prepared you think your roof is. It’s always a good idea to keep tarps on hand in the event of a leak happening.

Call Supreme Roofing For All Your Roofing Needs

Since it’s off to a late start, it’s not too late to get prepared for hurricane season. Contact Supreme Roofing for roof inspections or anything else that can help protect your roof in hurricane season. Remember, if you’re unprepared for a storm later in the season, that kind of thinking could come back to haunt you.

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