big Y Chicopee Grocery Store

Chicopee (MA) New Construction - 2020

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Project Scope

This commercial roofing project was in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and involved an addition our property manager was looking to construct onto the initial structure of the grocery store. After the new construction section, we completed a recovery project on the pre-existing main roof of the building.

With the new construction section on the west side of the building, we went with two layers of 2.6” insulation to meet the R30 Building Code. With this roof area covering 14,000 sq. ft., we self-adhered a grey 060 Johns Manville roofing system.

On the pre-existing 65,000 sq. ft. main section, Supreme completed a roof recovery effort. We removed an existing river rock ballasted EPDM roof system. We then installed 1.5” of insulation and mechanically fastened a grey 060 Johns Manville roofing system. The perimeters were every six inches, with plates and fasteners. In the field area, it was every 12 inches.

Along the north wall of the grocery store, the roof included a lot of penetrations that could have included a lot more time. However, our project manager came up with the idea of instead using pre-engineered splitboots that you buy straight from the manufacturer. That concept reduced our labor time and allowed to move at an expedited pace.  

The installed Johns Manville roofing systems for both sections of the project include 20 year warranties.