Food Processing Plant

Zanesville (OH) - 2020

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Project Scope

This project featured an 80,000 sq. ft. roof area on a prominent cold storage food processing plant in Zanesville, Ohio and marked our second time out on the location, this time for another area of their roof. In 2018, we performed a roof replacement on the southwest corner of the jobsite with a Sarnafil 72 mil PVC system that featured a lot of ammonia lines that we had to work around. After a successful project there, we would start on two other areas of this section of their facility.

In July of 2020, we began a re-roof on the northeast upper area of the facility featuring another ammonia gas line section. Initially, they had an existing built-up roof with gravel so we removed all of the gravel from the roof first, tearing through the built-up getting all the way down to the metal deck.

One of the challenges we faced on this job was the fact that we were dealing a freezer stored anywhere between -35 and 0 degrees, so we had the potential for condensation. Around the perimeter of the building, we had to install some tiger foam to lock in that vapor seal, so you do not have that cold air escaping out, causing water to drip on the inside. 

The product that we installed was a Sarnafil 72 mil PVC roofing system, which is a great product to install over food processing plants. PVC roofing systems are durable against grease and other residue that might present itself in restaurant or food processing environments.

One the ammonia piping towards the southeast corner of the roof, that was just another little challenge our team had to overcome. The flashing of those pipes was really crucial, having to remove the jacket from the outside of the piping, flash the inside and put the piping back in