High End Grocery Store

Fairview (TX) Emergency Response - 2019

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Project Scope

In October of 2019, a mix of severe storms came through Fairview, Texas, and caused damage to some sheet metal canopies on a grocery store in this shopping center area. We received a phone call from the customer asking our commercial roofing service team to come out and evaluate the damage to their canopy roofs. We promptly headed to the location to evaluate the extent of the severe storm damage.

Upon arrival, we observed that portions of their sheet metal canopies were missing due to the high winds and tornadoes in the area from the night before. Our service crew was able to clean up the area, safely remove the loose metal and make some temporary repairs until a permanent repair could be made.

From that point, we worked on finding the appropriate sheet metal roofing replacement for the areas of their canopies that were affected. This repair involved some color matching to ensure that the replacement metal would match the initial installation of the canopy. We involved our in-house sheet metal department and the expertise of our Sheet Metal Manager, Todd Gilmore. With Todd’s sheet metal experience, we located the appropriate sheet metal panels, going with a Berridge Zee Lock Bronze Panels.

To perform the repair, we had three service technicians going on the canopies performing the repairs and two guys on the roof level performing the cuts and crafting the panels, allowing for optimum speed, safety and efficiency in making the repairs. The project proved to be very successful and the customer was back in the dry very quickly, all while keeping the operation of the business going without stoppage