South Routt

Yampa (CO) Reroof - 2020

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Project Scope

This project was a 32,000 sq ft elementary school roof located in Yampa, Colorado, and one of two re-roof projects Supreme completed for the South Routt RE-3 School District in 2020. The failing PVC roof system had reached the end of its serviceable life, with multiple roof leaks throughout; and the District faced an unacceptable situation of not being able to open the facility at the start of the upcoming school year unless the roof could be replaced.  

Supreme began by working with the District’s roof consultant to provide budget numbers to the Colorado Department of Education’s BEST Grant Program for project funding consideration. Once funding had been secured, Supreme presented a complete follow-up package proposal which fit within the final budget and design scope and was subsequently awarded the project. 

Our team removed the failing roof system to the deck and installed a fully-adhered a 60-mil Firestone EPDM system. Adhering the system allowed us to maintain the full integrity of the roof with the structurally slanted drainage areas and ensure a solid connection to the roof deck. 

The project was completed on schedule, and Supreme took a great deal of pride in being able to help the District start the new school year on-time and providing them the security in knowing that their students and staff had a safe and reliable roof over their heads!