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3 Benefits of Green Roofs

Craig Rainey
Craig Rainey

Executive Vice President

If you have ever looked at a roof and saw that it was covered in plants, you were looking at a green roof. Green roofs (or living roofs) have layers of vegetation on them that have a number of benefits. In this post, we will discuss how these roofs are all beautiful, environmentally friendly, and effective. All convincing reasons that may help you decide whether a green roof is right for you.

Green Roofs are Beautiful

If you have never seen what a green roof looks like, it is worth your time to look up an image of one. You don’t have to have a passion for plants to appreciate the sheer beauty that comes with green roofs. The variety of plants that you can put on your roof has as many possibilities as your imagination, making it a personal and unique statement of your creativity on display to the whole world.

There are two types of green roofs:Extensive and Intensive. Extensive green roofs are typically simpler and usually consist of a grass layer of about 2-4 inches. These roofs will require less maintenance and come with a lower upfront cost. Intensive green roofs are much more complex and can resemble full parks complete with trees. Intensive roofs require more maintenance due to their complexity and will generally come with a higher price tag.

Green Roofs are Environmentally Friendly

Along with their beauty, vegetation on your roof is, unsurprisingly, environmentally friendly; especially in urban areas where temperatures are noticeably higher due to the Urban Heat Island Effect. Green roofs in cities have been noted to substantially reduce the temperatures of roofs when compared to their tar counterparts. On average, a green roof can reduce temperatures of a rooftop by around 30-40 degrees celsius. With less heat reflected into the city, the Urban Heat Island Effect is reduced, which has the ability to lower temperatures in these urban areas.

Along with their ability to reduce temperatures, green roofs can improve air quality and help manage stormwater runoff. Urban areas are notoriously devoid of vegetation, so the increased amount of plants in the city releases more oxygen into the air and removes air particulates, leading to a better air quality.

Green Roofs are Efficient

With energy costs steadily increasing over the past twenty years, you have undoubtedly faced the frustration of looking at your energy bill every month. Green roofs have the ability to reduce your energy bills in the summer months because their ability to cool your roof decreases the demand for electricity. Although vegetative roofs have a higher upfront cost than a traditional roof, the benefits can lead to an annual savings of $0.23 per square foot of the roofs surface as well as reducing a buildings energy usage by .7%. Coupled with the environmental benefits, the economic benefits make the green roof an efficient option for increasing quality of life. Not just for yourself, but for everyone around you.

Contact Supreme Roofing to Get Your Green Roof

Green roofs are on the rise, and for good reason. They’re beautiful, eco-friendly, and effective. If you think that a green roof is right for you, contact Supreme Roofing! Our experts can provide you with a green roof or address any of your commercial roofing needs.

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