Snow Removal

When heavy snow hits your building this winter in the New England area (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, Maine and Rhode Island), give us a call at Supreme Roofing to get the snow removed safely.

Heavy snow buildup and ice can be COSTLY and DANGEROUS if allowed to sit on your building’s roof. Using an inexperienced team to remove it can make matters worse. Don’t hire just anyone …

Why Remove a Building’s Snow?

  • Snow is heavy and, if left on a roof, there is risk that the building will collapse, causing substantial losses in terms of people, merchandise, equipment and the building itself
  • As snow sits, melts, freezes and melts again, it can create expensive roof leaks
  • Ice dams can build up in gutters, causing img_1829large icicles to fall and hurt or kill people
  • Ice dams can also cause gutters and downspouts to burst

Why Hire the Professionals at Supreme?

  • Supreme understands commercial roofing and the hazards snow removal can pose to a roof’s integrity
  • Our crews are experienced and properly trained to ensure that your roof is cleared safely, efficiently and without voiding your roof system’s warranty
  • We use the proper snow removal and safety equipment
  • We are fully insured and have the manpower to handle emergencies and any size project
  • We do everything from basic snow removal to projects that require complex coordination and logistics involving cranes, bagging, aerial man lifts and a steam machine with a self-contained water systemimg_1822

Why Plan Ahead?

  • While it’s never certain just how much snow a winter will bring, heavy snowfall in the New England area is inevitable
  • Save time, headaches and potential disasters by working with Supreme to create a snow removal plan ahead of the snowstorms!

When you need snow removed, only work with trained experts who understand commercial roofs, won’t cause roof leaks and won’t void your roof’s warranty. Contact us to put a proactive plan in place, so when the heavy snow hits this winter, you’ll be ready!